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Featured Products    

Natural, Handcrafted Soaps

Our batches of premium, handmade soap are lovingly made from scratch and kettle-stirred in the cold process tradition. Using a family blend of five basic, all natural oils, we create a soap that feels soft and silky, creates a luxurious lather, and rinses clean. We often create bars with exfoliating...

Cremes, Salves & Balms

Through the ages, people have tried remedies made from herbs and botanical's to bring relief from a multitude of health issues. As it turns out, the Earth is blessed with an endless variety of plants that contain healing properties that can provide exactly the relief needed...

Body Scrubs & Bath Salts

As we focus on cleansing our skin and following a healthy skin regimen, many of us turn to various body scrubs and bath salts. Body scrubs help exfoliate dead skin, and rejuvenate skin cells, thus giving your skin a soft, silky appearance. This allows for moisturizers to better do their job..

Essential Oils & Herbal Teas

Now more than ever, people  focus on more natural methods to help them feel better. The use of essential oils,  and herbal teas are growing in popularity. From aiding  in the relief of upset stomachs, relieving headaches and natural pesticides, folks are seeing the benefits of using essential ...

Neuropathy Salve

Many of you requested a natural creme or salve that would help with relief from neuropathy pain. So,

we combined several essential oils & herbs, specific to relieving this type of pain, with a variety of butters & carrier oils to bring you our new Neuropathy Salve. We recommend applying once a day and for more difficult days, combining it with our Healing Rub. We recognize there are very few, if any, solutions to completely resolving this type of nerve pain. However, our hope is that by using the salve, it will at least bring some relief from this difficult and often debilitating issue.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is a basic ingredient in all of our soaps and a natural remedy for dry skin. The triglyceride fatty acids present in this oil helps to restore the natural moisture balance of your skin, by lubricating the skin, thus preventing unnecessary dryness. An excellent source of essential nutrients such as vitamin E, minerals and antioxidants, Castor Oil boosts skin health. As a humectant  and emolient, it can provide extra support for your skin during dry winter months by attracting & retaining moisture. Learn more  by visiting our "Nurturing You" page.

" I would highly recommend trying some of these amazing products. I stumbled upon Healing Spirit at a craft fair. I have sensitive skin, so I only used Dove soap as everything else irritated my skin. When I smelled the Healing Spirit soaps, they had such natural, pleasant fragrances, I decided to try a few. My normal shampoo/conditioner was causing itchy skin upon rinsing in the shower, so I purchased two shampoo bars just to try. Once I tried these products, I was hooked immediately. The shampoo bars clean so well to the point of being squeaky clean when rinsed, and they

"I have had neck problems for years. I was introduced to the Healing Rub and found instant relief. Months went by and I had forgotten about the Healing Rub and was again suffering with neck pain. My son had the rub and reminded me to use it. Once again  no more pain! What a great miracle in this rub-Thank you!   - Joan S., Snug Harbor, NC

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